any1 here have a Semi auto/Automatic 1speed engine ?

any1 here have a Semi auto/Automatic 1speed engine ?

Berichtdoor Cagiva4ever » 25 nov 2017 15:10

hi !

as per Title, has anybody here got a Semi auto/Automatic 1-speed or 3-speed engine ? from either in a kids ATV or at a pitbike....49cc 73cc 90cc commonly.

im looking for a measurement info for Clutch "pushrod" and adjuster parts, so that i could re-produce them locally by lathe.

like so, you can see the M8 nut and Adjuster:

Measurement info for this part that is with M8 size nut on the Clutch cover casing: ... -screw.jpg

i cant get them parts ordered as OEM, not available in my country. and my freeby salvaged project engine is missing them parts.

i only have sample photos of them parts but no Measures.

ive now spend 1,5years waiting for a engine to turn up on Bike Breaker yard, to take data from, but no luck yet, not a single engine or remains...

any China made (as titled) engine is ok for this info as a source. no matter what manufac/brand. they all should be accurate clones...

for example this kind of 1-speed Automatic engines are usually on Youth/kids ATV's 49cc 73cc 90cc. for example on Kazuma meerkat-50cc atv, etc brands and its Clones.

but also on some models among kids pitbike's.....

any1 able to help ?
i have 1month left before Xmas closed-up/holiday, to Produce them parts at my ex-machinist school. after that its Jan 2018-> next opportunity to get onto waiting list...

send me a private message if you can help, so that i get e-mail notification. i dont use this forum regulary ! so any reply posts on this topic might get missed out...
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